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search in xp (For desktop )


max man 3d

Hi there ,

After Haveing problems for days now and reinstall Windows XP..

I came across Another problem with the search engine when trying to do a search on my computer.

It came back with this error when I run the search ( A file is required to run Search Companion cannot be found . ) You may need to run setup.

Whats that going on about and is there away of fixing this problem or do I have to go an install XP all over again ..

I would like to fix this as I dont what to install it all over as it takes so long to set it all up ..And this is a new install as it is..

So please help out if you can thank you..
Are you sure Search Companion does not need .NET frame work installled for it?

Download .Net Framework; if you alllready haven't. Some programs need that to run.

max man 3d

I am searching my computer for a file .And it came up with that error ...

I was not trying to search the net so would I still need to get that file and where would I get that form.

Thank for your help ..
Ah; sorry; my mistake. It would help I think if you deleted this thread; or asked one of the mods to delete; and posted this in application. That way; people would actually look at your question a lot more . :p the gereral section is where we call hang out :)

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