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Seagate 7200.11 1TB and 1.5TB


The Analog Kid
Think it's safe to buy one of these now? According to Seagate, most failures were attributed to faulty firmware that has now been fixed and any new drive should have the updated firmware. There are still reviews kicking around on newegg etc that these are failing but I'd like to think that these are either old drives or just bandwagon mentality. I'd like to grab a 1.5 for some extra storage but at the same time, it's pointless if it's going to die...


Carbon based lifeform
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You should be ok now, the firmware ironed out most of the problems, but there is a possibility of catching a batch of the old firmware still. Should still be covered under warranty.


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you should be ok.. but if u want my advice, stay away from anything seagate :D

seriously... just get a wd one
I've read of heat problems and data corruption on the samsungs, but it doesn't appear to be widesread. Could just be a bad disk or two that got to mouthy folks.

I never hear of issues with seagate/hitachi disks from people I know at datacentres.


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I have 5 1TB 7200.11 Seagate drives that I bought during that whole Firmware fiasco thing, running OpenSolaris with ZFS on it. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to get the serial numbers from the drives to see if they are affected other than shutting it down and checking the labels.

I have had absolutely no issues with them what so ever, and store a massive amount of data on those drives using raidz. The only drives I tend to buy these days is Seagate, I have not found anything else that is more reliable. I am sad to see that their warranty has gone down from 5 years to 3 years for their desktop grade hard drives, I really liked the longer warranty even though I have not had to use it yet.

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