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SCSI Hardware


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I've recently got hold of an old Dell Precision 330. I have been running Knoppix on it from a live CD, but I got fed up of the slow speeds and decided to install Gentoo. Since then I've been seeing errors from the SCSI drive.

To be honest I don't know a lot about SCSI hardware, just enough to get by.

I've gone into the controller setup screen and tried to format and verify the drive. It formatted without any errors, but then when I came to verify it, it wouldn't get through more than 5 percent before erroring. I can't remember the error exactly, and I'm not near the computer at the moment to get it, but it wasn't obviously an error with the drive, it was something along the lines of "unexpected command" or "unexpected response". This set me thinking as to wether it was the controller or the drive that was faulty.

Can anyone shed any light on this or give me a way to test them? I don't have a spare controller or drive to swap in and test and don't want to spend any money on either before knowing which part is at fault.

Thanks in advance :)
Replace the cable is my first reaction adn run the test again. If you're lucky thats all it'll be and you'll only be out at most £15 if you get the most expensive cable you can find :)


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I managed to borrow a controller from work. Turned out I had one sat in a server not connected to anything!

Looks like it was the controller at fault though. No errors so far with the new controller.

Cheers for the advice :)

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