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Screens from UT2007


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Looks awesome, To bad its Unreal Tournament :( Hope AA licences the new engine when its commercially available. I have always thought of the Unreal games as just tech demos for Epic... since a ton of games out there use their engines, or modified versions.


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Those are kick ass screenshots!I can't wait for the engine to come out, it'll make good games. I also think that Unreal is a tech demo, but it's a darn good one :lick:

At least they're not trying to push us a UT2k5 or UT2k6. 3 years is acceptable, a brand new engine is even more.


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Unleashed said:
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So.... by saying I dont care for a particular game you are saying that I do not appreciate certain values? hrmm... interesting.
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I hope this new engine means new games on the franchises that use it now. Thief 3, Deus Ex chiefly...


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Yeah, it will be cool to see how many games use this new great engine. Correct me on this, but did any of the Splinter Cell games use the UT engine? or is a in house engine?

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