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screen keeps resetting

i got a prob..i think it might b the video card..buh honestly not sure...every so often ..even sometimes when i press alt + tab the screen goes black like its resetting..and then shows up again..goes black for like a second..and everythings fine again..sometimes text is left in a different line after its placed in another like example:

typed here still appears here but then goes away
moved here

buhh ye..my temps r very cool right now
cpu 19*C
sys 1 - 16*C
sys 2 - 19*C
got a window open nice cool air comin in ..soo i dont beleive its the temperatures...any ideas y?...see sig for computer info
but if it wasn't giving the 'nice' performance lol then would heat not be an issue?..i have 2 fans on the side of the case blowing the cool air in over the vid card cpu and pci slots...and an exhaust fan at the top along with the power supply...could the o/c still be an issue?..


Rather than asking, just reset the clocks back to default and tell us the result... easy as that
nope the temps are pretty accurate it was about 0*C outside tha day and lotsa wind comin in from the window was nice n cool in here...maybe a lil too cool for me..buh the computer was cooling down a lot n very fast with it

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