Scandisk error-what causes this



hello.i went to run scandisk today using Norton sysworks2002.
i rebooted then it usually does its thing.i get an error tho when it goes to start
error says that IT CANNOT OPEN VOLUME
what would cause this error all of a sudden
thnx for any suggestions

dave holbon

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Please post you operating system, this utility does not need to re-boot normally. If your using XP you must obtain some updates to Norton 2002 from the Symantec website as the original incarnation of this programme was buggy under XP.


hello.i use winxp-pro.2002 sys works is fully up tp date.i ran chkdsk /r in recovery console,and when it rebooted it then ran scandisk.i have never been able to run norton scandisk within windows

dave holbon

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You can only run Norton scandisk in XP on the drive that XP is installed on in read-only mode. If it finds any errors all it does is flag the drive a “dirty” so the next time you re-boot XP itself scans the drive and not Norton. A locked (system) drive can’t have any type of disk repair utility run on it and attempt a repair, at least this is my understanding. This kind of makes most of Norton Disk Doctor redundant. This is because XP uses transactions to write to the drives so in order to check them properly you must first “unlock them”. This can only be done to a drive that does not contain the XP operating system, even then it complains bitterly.

It is possible to “unlock” and disable transaction processing on the system drive whilst it’s being used but the effort required is immense and not worth the effort and time involved.

I have, when using the chkdsk /p function from the recovery consul nearly always encountered errors on the volume or similar, which were corrected. However I doubt the significance of these messages as it seems to me that if you have just run the chkdsk function and fixed all errors, then re-boot and find the same errors again as I do for most of the time since using XP I would suggest the message is wrong and if XP boots ok then don’t worry.

:) :) :)


Dave, running chkdsk /p from the recovery console will not fix anything it only checks, chkdsk /r repairs.

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