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SBPCI128 + GeForce 2mx


I may actually be insane.
I have an AGP 32mb GeForce 2MX it came with this box, along with AC'97 on-board Audio, the on board audio was ok as far as on board goes, but whenever the board used a lot of resources the sound started to break up, so a friend offered me his old Sound Blaster PCI-128 card. Having installed the 128 i noticed when ever anything moves on screen it causes any sound playing (wav/mp3/ogg anything via any player) to skip or crackle. I since noticed that the Sound card and Graphics are sharing the same IRQ (7) so tried adjusting bios settings, but windows puts them on the same IRQ again..just not 7, i tried moving the card to every different slot and yet still nothing helps.

As my stats aren't in my sig, here they are :
Single AMD 1002Mhz CPU
384mb PC133 Memory 2xOEM 1xKingston
Fujitsi MPG3409AT 40.9GB 5400rpm Hard Disk
Fujitsi MPG3204AT 20.4GB 5400rpm Hard Disk
Samsung CD-R/RW SW-408B (8x8x32)
LiteOn DVD-Rom 16x
Hauppauge WinTV GO Card
Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (WDM)
USB D-Link NetQCam Pro 350 Plus
17" Hansol 710P @ 1600x1200 @ 72hz
nVidia 32mb AGP GeForce 2 MX
USRobotics Sportster Flash PnP 56k External Modem

What i want to know is if anyone else has suffered from this and found a solution, or if anyone can suggest something i should try to resolve this...


I may actually be insane.
Yes, shouldn't be!

but its the only thing i can narrow it down to!
  • I've got the very latest XP drivers for both cards
  • I've tried bios IRQ settings
  • ive moved the card to every PCI slot
  • it doesnt happen to sound coming through the line-in
  • it doesnt happen in linux
so im stuffed if i know what to do...

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