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SB Live Value not recognized



I bought an SB Live value sound card for my daughter, and it came with a CD software, but when tried to install. It says that it cannot find a sound card. On further investigation, I am told that my card is a OEM version and therefore will not be able to install the drivers from Creative. Right now, Microsoft's googy driver seems to have been installed. How can I install the original creative drivers ? I shall be much obliged if someone could help.


viking lost down under
Hi m8
I have sbl OEM too, and have never had a problem with it at all. First make sure that it is not conflicting with other hardware and that the irq you are using is ok. Sometimes it will not show, so force the bios to reserve the pci slot otherwise you won't be able to change the irq.
Second, go to creative labs site and download the latest drivers for your operating system ( about 5mb's large ).
install the new drivers etc.



Ref: SB Live OEM

Thanks for your reply, but how do I make sure if the irq is 'O.K.'. Secondly, I tried downloading drivers from creative labs and they don't install. It says 'cannot find the sound card' or something to the effect. Hope you will kindly clarify this a little further please.


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aw man...tell me about it oem cards are a pain in the ass. id be happy to help. i used to have the oem version of the card (dell's version) and i still have the driver cd. id be happy to post the installer in my webspace (if i have enough). or if not, then PM me to give me some kind of contact so i can send u the necessary files.


viking lost down under
If it is unable to find your soundcard, try putting it in a different PCI slot.

If it can't find card after changing PCI slots, than I think you bought a lemon.

To do what I said in previous post, is trial and error.
Before I had asus pen4 1.6ghz m/b and it all installed perfectly. then I upgraded to asus pen 4 2.4 ghz m/b and I had problems with sound (all cards were in the same slots). There were no error messages in the device manager except for my Studio analog out. (still there)
I changed settings in bios, changed settings in windows and it worked.


What operating system are you using? You did not say. Win 98, Win XP, Linux, etc.

Also did you follow the instructions in the readme on the CD? Sometimes you have to install before you plug in the card.

And for Linux or Win 98 there may be other steps required.

I'm using the white box SB live value also, It auto installed with Win XP I think. It was almost 2 years so the memory is fading...


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I've had problems with OEM too. I emailed Creative technical support closest to me and they sent me a Driver CD which fixed up everything.

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