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Sapphire Radeon 9550 256meg ddr

I just bought a Sapphire Radeon 9550 256 meg vid card to replace my Radeon 9700 128 meg card but I am running into a problem when I try to run the new one ( 9550 ) at 8x agp, sometimes the card shuts off or I get the bsod and have to reboot. It works fine in 4x agp but I lose noticeable frame rate when playing Far Cry or evn Tiger Woods 2005 in that mode. I have a Soyo KT600 Dragon plus ver.1 m/b with a gig of pc2100 ram. According to the Soyo site, the board only supports 1.5 v cards but I can't seem to find much info on the Sapphire site about the 9550 ie: voltages etc ... Can anyone help ? Or is the Radeon 9550 not a good choice for that board compared to the 9700 even if the ram is more ?

Tx in advance for any help/suggestions.
No it does not require a seperate power connector, the 9700 did though. I forgot to mention that I did uninstall all ati files prior to installing the new card, I also checked on the chipset drivers etc.. I just wanted to mention that before someone decided to ask me if I had done it :)


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Just for kicks try the Omega drivers, as the 9550 is just a dumbed down 9600. You coulld solve your problem and gain some performance.

The other thing is that some games require patches for video cards with 256Mb or more. Can't hurt to look.
Tx, will check that out also. Now what about the 8x agp thing ? Does anyone have any idea as to why it won't run at that setting. I can hear and see the leds on the computer as it boots up but I have no action from the card and the monitor stays in power saving mode. I have to reboot/reset the agp to 4x before I get any video. I know the card and the board support it, I wonder what's up with that ?


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Guybo42 said:
....According to the Soyo site, the board only supports 1.5 v cards but I can't seem to find much info on the Sapphire site about the 9550 ie: voltages etc ...

If the card fits you shouldnt worry about that, 3.0V cards have a different kind of plug than 1.5V cards...So if it doesnt fit it doesnt work :p


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more memory doesn't make a card better...what you did was take a card that can play even todays games reasonably(9700) and trade it in for a card that can't even support the 256MB of memory(9550) and you will get awful performance in comparison...hell you could have had a 9500pro and had better performance out of that than the 9550 you just bought...

any advice I could give to you is that you should reinstall the 9700 and return the 9550 because it is a huge downgrade to put it a little bluntly
Allrighty then, I'll just take out the radeon 7000 I have in my test machine and use the 9550 in that one then. The 9700 is going back in to the main machine.
Tx for all the info/opinions and such.

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