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Samsung gettin in the game


High On Life!
yup they are trying to compete heavily now,cell phone industry, hmm 7mp phone might have to get it i havent opened the link myself so when i do if its ugly and not symbian i wont even think about it
Better link (edit)


High On Life!
that is a vey bad boy indeed (moking it) its ugly some of the people that commented about how the gapless products mixing both worlds are getting too stupid, if nokia made a 7mp phone i would be on it right awat imagine with a carl zeiss lens too OHH THATS SEX! but also symbian, btw did u see that lens on the samsung, try getting that in ur pocket LOL!


High On Life!
they made it so it probably can be added on when u need to use it, but its like hey guys crowd in for a pic, hold on i have to get my lens on my phone, yes you heard me right.

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