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Samsung A900 Blade


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Doesnt look better in the razor, the phone just has too much pastic instead of the metalic look like the razor. But it does have great freatures. IF i had sprint this would prob my choice in a phone too.


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It does have a fair bit of metal on it but not in the manner of the Razr's.


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Hey I just picked upthis phone. Were you able to get the usb cord to work so it would Communicate with the comp. or is the cord just to use the phone as a modem? Any Info would be great.


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Use the cord that comes with the phone and dl the software from the site.

That is all :)


Mr. Bananagrabber
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That's a sexy phone, and it doesn't look like it's built like **** either :)
Please tell me its not called the Blade.
Phone companies need to stop coming up with stupid names. And Motorola needs to keep the friggin vowels!

Nice phone though.
Just think the name is repetitive.


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I have had this phone for a few months. I love the phone but I have had a worse time with the bluetooth compared to my old motorola phone.

Also word to the wise, turn of the location option. It drains battery a lot faster with it on than with it off.
Settings then 8 (others) then 4 (Location) and turn it off

Also check to make sure the phone us up to date cause new software came out a few days ago. It's under settings then 8 (others) then 8 (update Phone software)


F@H - Is it in you?
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Yah, I don't remember all the steps I underwent to get it up, but its easy once you get the connection established.

Sry, I should have been more help, but the files definitely make it easy :)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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crazy thread resurrection but I can't seem to upload ringtones with the data cable...I've read all these crazy ways to do it on the internet but nothing by using the cable. Anyone on here have any luck uploading ringtones with the cable?

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