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Running programs as Admin...

The kid's PC has a few games that require Admin priveledges to run (weird, huh). Of course I am not about to give them that type of access for obvious reasons. I can run them if I right-click and select "run as..." and then enter the password for the admin account. Is there a way (or use a program) to do this automatically every time it is run without having to enter the password? Windows2000 lets you do this, but XP doesn't have quite the same option.
I can recommend you try the following. Go to www.sysinternals.com and download "regmon" and "filemon" Run one of them and then the program. Stop the logging when you get the problem. Then go through the log and find the file or registry entry that is causing the problem. Give them access to that file or entry. Thats what I have to do at work when we get a new program that doesn't quite work right. Good luck

Instead of running a prog to figure out the trouble file/reg entry, I simply gave the kids' user type full control of the directory the game runs in.

Now they are happy. But I warned them that if they muck around with those programs and they don't work anymore it's their tough luck. :p


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Older EA Games seem to have this problem.

Something to do with the software trying to veryfy the CD isn't a copy.

Downloading a CD crack usually works!!
Originally posted by Burpster
there are patches(no-cd) for NFS porsche
Yes, there are patches, but none work in XP (that I have found). They all start and just after the initial screen, the harddrive thrashes continuously but the game does not continue.

I do have a legit copy of this prog, but hate having to use the CD every time I want to play. I did make a copy and use that until I can figure out a way to make the NOCD crack work.
Originally posted by Iceman
you guys hush about cracks, read the forum guildlines again, or I will have to get rough.

Yeah, I know :)

I'm not trying to use illegally acquired software, I'm just trying to use what I bought. These games that require the user to insert the CD just to play can be rough on the CDs; especially if you have kids that don't seem to understand where the CD is supposed to go once they remove it from the DROM drive. I try to make a playable copy to preserve the original, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Anyway, point taken. :eek:

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