running chdsk /f



Ok.....i messed up my laptop.

i used partition magic to delete a partition and resize the C: partition, but it was the first time i had used partition magic and i messed it up. It wont let me boot into windows. So i botted partition magic from the rescue disks that i created and i told me tha my problem would be fixed if i ran chdsk /f. The problem is i cant even boot to the command prompt. How do i make a boot disk for xp so that i can run chdsk??
I take it you're not getting far enough to get into safe mode? If not then the only thing i can think of would be a repair install from the CD, or from your i386 directory if it's on your hard drive.
i cant access the hard drive....and i cant get into safe there is no wasy to run chdsk from a bootable floppy?

i can run chkdsk from the recovery option when booting from the xp cd, but there is no /f option

im running with the /r option....i think it might work
well chkdisk /p /r fixed the disk error, but i still cant boot......i guess format and reinstall?

for anybody that uses partition magic......when you only have one partition is it listed as C: or is it listed as * cuz mine is listed as *
If you have important stuff you need to get off, you could try a repair installation. After that, if it runs well leave it. If it's buggy then do a clean install.

I'm not sure about the *.
well the repair install worked....only one problem......i have two (yes two) legitimate copies of windows xp for my desktop and one for my labtop. When i did the repair install....i used the wrong one. Windows wants me to activate again and I think that that is going to be a problem since ive already activated it once with my desktop. I could do a clean install....but im too lazy since i just did one a few days ago and i jsut got all of my programs installed.
Just call it in, explain what happened. I'm not sure, but doesn't the activation wizard ask for the CD Key during the process, or no? Anyways, i'm sure Billy will understand, as long as you PROMISE not to install it on any more computers.
forget just gonna go ahead and do a clean install......the dvd decoder is giving me problems and i dont want to find more along the way.....i think its best to do it now while i still have everything backed trouble in the future. thanks for all the help lonman
You bet. Might want to run Partition magic on it first and make sure you don't have any unallocated space on your drive. Or just to check and make sure it's how you want it. Good luck.

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