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Running an application through a static IP


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Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have a client who has an old Win 2k Pro Server machine, which runs a .asp program. This computer is part of a large LAN at his office. He just requested a static IP address from his DSL provider and wants to be able to access the .asp application on the server from the net. How do I go about setting this up for him? FWIW, all of the clients on the LAN have static IPs. I have a general understanding of port forwarding, but do not have enough information to make this happen. Could someone give me a list of what needs to happen?

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note: if he is already able to run the ASP-based application, I'm assuming he already has IIS and it is running and working.

Need a little bit more info.. more specifically how network and internet connectino is configured. Is he behind a firewall? What kind of firewall? Since you mention port forwarding, i'm assuming there is a firewall.

If you have a basic understanding, then all you would need to do is setup the static IP address on the firewall, configure the firewall to forward port 80 to the webserver - in this case, your web server is the win2kpro box (assuming you are not going to use SSL or some other esoteric port for your web traffic)

second note: this is not the most secure way to publish a web application and if this is for a company, I would say don't do it. You would be allowing external access direct access to a non-secure OS. Win2kPro was not really made to be a server and really shouldn't be used as such - especially for a production application - for example, IIS on win2kPro is limited to 10 concurrent connections.

If I were a consultant, I could never recommend this to a client. First issue is using Win2kPro as a web server and the second issue is wanting to allow internet traffic direct access to the webserver. Setup a DMZ.. use a reverse proxy solution, and go buy the server version of windows (or linux, or other server OS).
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Yes, this is a very temporary solution to a problem that will be solved properly later on. Yes, the server is behind a firewall (built into a DSL router). So, if I am understanding right, I would point HTML on port 80 to (the server's internal static IP). Now, please help me understand this...should I share the directories that contain the files that the application will need to access? If so, how do I make it easy for them to run the application? End result (temporary, of course) they want to simply put in their static IP, followed by a un/pw combo and launch their application from there. Please let me know if I need to clarify further.


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