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Run Everquest in a Window



Can Anyone tell me how to run Sony's on-line game in a window?
It now controls the entire desktop and you can not access MS-Messenger to have voice contact with fellow players. It works fine
if you establish communications before You enter the game. If someone is dis-connected for any reason, everyone has to leave the game to re-establish voice contact. Can this be done with XP without using one of the " banned " programs available on the Net.

Any help appreciated.

Got hooked on games after I retired, guess it's more fun than


There usd to be a hack a while back that enabled you to run EQ in window mode but since the Luclin expansion I'm not sure you can still do that. I know EQ supports some of the "chat" programs (roger wilco and voice commander come to mind..) but as you said you need to establish connection before you start EQ. I would check some of the EQ fan sites for any info how to run in windowed mode though.


Actually, EQ has "banned" all outside programs to prevent packet sniffers/modifiers... although all the ones I know of won't work in an NT-based system anyway ;-p

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