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Hi peeps i was running ontrack suite 4 (its like norton but is much easier to use) i just done a check on my system to clean files etc etc...after this was done and i clicked on finish etc and it just gives you the results...and this is what it said,

"disk fixer found problems with the file system. run chkdsk with the f/(fix) option to correct these"

So what exactly is this is something on xp itself that i gotto do:confused:

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adobo Do u knw where scan disk is...? i am using xp pro i have looked in system tools and cant find scan disk.

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Cheers:p will do that asap!

i have system on suite that what you use...what you think of it so far...ive had it for a week now and is preety good..better than norton i must say (dont wanna upset any1 who uses norton tho:p )
the defrag seems to be kool in ontrack and is preety quick too!

cheers again!



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been using fix it for about 2yrs and love it with system 4.0 has a firewall too..pretty cool...and it does not take over your shit like norton does.

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Hi i have just ran scan disk with nothing found:) but why does ontrack say "disk fixer found problems with the file system. run chkdsk with the f/(fix) option to correct these"

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Hi adobo i just ran scan disk like right clicking on the c: drive and selecting to restart as when i restart the computer.

But i never done nothing like chkdsk/fix if so try sfc/fix from the run cmd...system file do i do that?



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got to start>>>run and type sfc/scannow or chkdsk/fix...if it wont run from the run command typ cmd and go to dos and type the cmds there. good luck

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