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Router Problem


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I got connected to the phone company Vonage and they sented me a new router its a linksys RTP 300 now i cant access the admin page were i can forward my ports this router has no software it comes like this and in the booklet it gives me the pass and username when i try to log in it tells me the username and pass are wrong i holded the restart button in the back for like 10 sec until it restarted the router i trie login in again it still gave the same problem and i keep geting this message from the Event viewer saying this

 TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.
and this one

 The IP address lease 192.168.*.* for the Network Card with network address ******** has been denied by the DHCP server 192.168.*.* (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).
and how can u actimate when u type in CMD ipconfig /all were it says IP ROUTING ENABLED.........No how can u make it into a yes

And my last router because of this problems destoyed my modem i had to get a new one

thanx for the help


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Was the router pre-configured by Vonage? If so, I would advise contacting their tech support and get them to sort it out. Part of your bill usually goes towards this, so you might as well use it ^_^


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I agree with yolooze. you could mabye leave your old router hooked up and plug the vonage router into it.


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madmatt said:
This is a security setting in Windows XP (SP2+). The only way to fix it is to edit the TCPIP.SYS file.

While that may fix it, it's more of a hack than a fix. This feature was implemented in XP SP2 by design, as a security measure to try and reduce the damage virii and malware/spyware can perform on a network.

I have had good luck with running WinsockXPFix on machines that have had this error, and it has since gone away :)

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