Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

Perris Calderon

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oldest president to live...I think I heard that Nancy said he didn't recognize even her anymore.

time for him to move forward, and so he did...

rest well Ronald Reagan, sleep easy.


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Wow I knew the guy was old but had no idea he was 93. Oh well he was in bad shape .. he's all good now. :)


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Same here, I understood he had alzheimer's disease, but didn't really know that he was that old. Guess it was better for him to leave this way.


eh, i wouldn't want to be 93 and not know who the hell i am talking to, esp when the person was with me for the last 60 years or how eve rlong they were married. It sucks he did but it happens to everyone, i think it should be mandatory to despose of the person after 80.. it seems all down hill from there anyway

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mooo said:
i think it should be mandatory to despose of the person after 80.. it seems all down hill from there anyway
Alot of my grandmothers family lived to over 100 and all had their wits about them right to the end,I've seen pics and they all looked amazing for their age :D


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My grandpa is 93 and he can still get up his Suburban to go out for lunch every day. Last time I visited him, he was painting his house, so no, not everyone is a vegetable after 80.

Watched a documentary last night on the History Channel about Ronald Reagan, although he was before my time, it seemed he brought a good conclusion to the Cold War ... that I am thankful.


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I think Reagan was in good shape for his age .. it was the disease that killed him and probably robbed him of a few years anyways .. maybe more.


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Thanks for that link Jan, it is a great speech. There is no doubt that Reagan loved his country, his wife and his God. He led a good life and will be missed.

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