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Roccat firmware


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I've recently purchased a Roccat Valo keyboard, and after installation it was working until it asked if I wanted to update the firmware, and of course I did.
About 5 secs after the update started a notice came up saying "Firmware update failed. Please try again"
Now I cannot use my keyboard because the LCD comes up with the same.
Later I downloaded the firmware/drivers from the website and installed it but still doesn't seem to work.
I'm running Windows 7 if that helps.
There is a beta firmware and an approved firmware. If you are trying the beta fall back to the relased version.

Also, make sure you got the firmware for the Valo and not for another model. I grabbed the wrong firmware once and it cost me a MB...

There were a lot of complaints about the Valo from back in Sept/Oct time frame on some forums I looked at. Nothing about bad firmware updates though.


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I've installed the released version, and started it then restarted my computer, but when I plug in the keyboard it just leads me to this


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I assume you did this but will state it anyways.

Uninstall drivers and software, do a clean with Ccleaner if you want. Reboot, let windows install the driver, or install the latest one yourself. See what happens.


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Yeah, it's completely gone.
And I've tried the keyboard on my other computers and nothing; just "FW Update failed. Please try again"


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Yeah, well I could just send it back to Amazon.
I did send a support form to Roccat, but still no response...

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