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Require a good mp3 tagging program

Dark Atheist

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It seems that my tagging issues which have been on going is due to the fact that foobar likes to use id3v2.4 which a lot of programs do not support, neither does Windows Vista nor Windows 7.

It looks like i will have to redo my whole collection (not an overly bad thing) and am looking for a program that will connect to freedb or some other online source to rewrite my tags, also has to do regain.

I know winamp can do this but it is hit and miss and sometimes the disc information in a 2cd or 3cd set is widely incorrect or extremely different (album name, discid et el)

So i need a tool that will write to id3v2.3 and will do replaygain, does anyone know of any such tool? I have mp3tag but it will take a bit of time with that :(

Dark Atheist

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thanks, have gone with winamp and mp3tag v2.43 - winamp may get a few wrong but it gets most right and with mp3tag i can correct the issues that crop up, i could kill foobar for this!!!!!


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when it comes to doing all things tagging nothing beats tag&rename. As it lets you change all options, and can do multiple things at a time instead of having to each one one at a time :)

Dark Atheist

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because 2.4 is not a supported version 2.3 is the standard, windows xp - vista and windows 7 do not support them, nor do a few of the programs i use, i would rather use the programs i have then to get another one and learn how to use that, plus by doing this i can make sure the tags are correct, which some were not :)

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