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rep removal (or hallucination?!)

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I am posting here and not in problems - because I do not want to seem a whinger or a rep point whore - but I feel 99% certain someone earlier gave me some reps for some help (can give details if needed) and just now went to look at CP and the reference was gone! I know that member is still around... I was checking who they were by checking my rep! So what went on there? Just checking incase there's a database issue behind this - or maybe a mod just decided I was not worthy? :(

Side issue - can that happen? And if so who decides? Just curious - I am sure you understand that :p

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I just reviewed the moderator logs (hipster doofus has certainly been busy with legacy :p) and no one has changed anyones profiles for at least a week!

Other than direct database access (limited to myself) there is no other way of modifying reputation.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
therefore I am hallucinating - fine... I accept this... probably all of my rep points are indeed an hallucination - Jewelzz would agree with me....

I am puzzled by tittles posts and NetRyders also - but that might be "an aside".

I surely hope I was not pamming or doing anything wrong - i was genuinely puzzled and TY EP - have now learnt something (and thanks for sharing on Hipsters business so to speak, good to know someone is still sorting legacy!)

Talking of which makes me think - someone should go through legacy and hand out reps for the repworthy posts that come out of legacy! Just a brainstorming idea - after all reps went all to pot with the database crash... I am sure they are nearly up straight, but some folks went kinda quiet (thinking about Enyo) and yet have the HIGHEST rep? No? Just a thought....

Glad all is well in the land of OSNN database anyway!


I may actually be insane.
It's like talking to a brick wall sometimes. TittleBitties, your post was deleted because it was of no relevance to the thread. I wish people would stop spamming in the feedback threads, it's uncalled for.

Seeing as this problem is resolved, I'm going to close this thread, and apologise for Mainframeguy for doing so, I just don't want any more pointless posts in this section.

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