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ok guys im going to dubai next weekend for my sisters wedding (im ganna miss my prom but thats ok cuz the wedding is ganna be hott!) so anyways i was thinking with my other sister that we rent a nice ass car, so i was thinking of getting the new cls 500 65amg or 350 which ever is availible and trust me in dubai i bet the 65amg would be availible to rent. they have all other cars so suggestions are welcome, they even have the maybach and rolls royce phantom but those are about 1,250 dollars a day and u dont even get to drive them, u get a driver with them:S so what do u think i should get, btw im not trying to brag at all, cuz i might not even end up renting a car at all, the reason i want to rent one is cuz i would have rented a nice ass car for prom, and i want to feel power (sink into the seat feeling), and my impala ss doesnt satisfy me :rolleyes:

ps if i do rent a car ill make sure to take pics with it wearing the suit :p with the_music_man's camera cuz his bro is bringing it:D

i was also thinking of the cls because its very sexy elegant, yet something Classy and small that me and my sister will have a fun time driving around in just for the experiance of driving a cls
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well i think yea it's not a bad car but it's also sad that you're missing you're prom... i say fail this year so you could attend your senior prom next year :p


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Heh, feel lucky you are missing prom :D I would much rather take someone out on a date than goto one of those again.

I would go for that car. Who knows, maybe you can met some fine ladies at the wedding :)


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themafia.69 dude imagine how great that would feel when you're rolling by into the wedding and these hot foxy womens were to eye you like "daaaaaaamn whos that in that very sexy elegant ride....i want to meet him". Maaaaaaan if I were you I would just go with the 65AMG bro nothing says "Elegance, Sexiness, and Speed" all rolled into one dude. Im telling you I would so cop me that 65AMG but like your siggie says man "Allways roll with high quality". In my flavor it would have been "Always roll in Stlye" its like Chef Emeril says "BAM! Kick it up a notch". :D:D:D:D hope that helps peaZe


High On Life!
haha kudos to you all, yeah so if the 65 is out well try to get it if not well get the 55 hopefully they dont cost to much:)


High On Life!
ok im in dubai now, but at the airport i only found one rental company that has thw cls 500 and it costs 602 dollars a day so unless i can find it cheaper in the city its probably not ganna happen:s (in saudi cars are much cheaper to rent i found out, its at least double the price)

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