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Removing programs from system tray



I have some programs running in my system tray that don't need to be there. At least I don't think they need to be there. One is my Lexmark printer Scan/Copy program. Why do I need this in my system tray? Why can't I just open the program when I want to use it? Another one is Instant Messenger. I never use this but my son does.

How do you remove (not hide) items in your system tray? I don't want them eating up system resourses. I can right click on them and then select the exit. This removes them until the next boot but not permanately.


XP-erience Oldie
With the messenger, if its msn then open it click tools > options > general tab > untick run messenger when windows starts, as for mcafee it should be more or less the same kind of thing, the option will be in settings or options (i don't know cos i use norton) but it don't make much difference because you want it running in the backround to protect you from nasty viruses.



Thanks for the messenger tip. The other program is not McAfee or Norton or any other virus program. Its a printer program for my printer.


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Ow sorry, my mistake,

Right click on the icon and you should be able to get an option button (i am not 100% sure as i only use a network printer) if not try double clicking the icon to get into the program itself then there will be an option that disables it from starting with windows, if all else fails you can go into the startup menu and disable it > Click start > Run > type msconfig > ok > click startup tab > disable what you don't want to start up


Gus K

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Spybot here is not only a spyware remover.

Under 'Tools', 'System Startup', it lists your currently running programs Hilighting an entry will usually bring up a pop-up that will explain and advise. You can then delete right from there.

Very cool.

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