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I have a cable connection at home, and I'm behind a linksys router
I have a server that I use for storage and I would like to make it accessible from the internet for friends and family. I needed to know what would be the best way to go about doing this. I had thought about FTP using IIS 5 the server has XP pro but was unable to setup the FTP I'm not familiar with IIS and would need a little help.

Thanks for any help


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since I have cable model and My ip address is always changing I saw the post you pointed mt too and I found the web site dyndns.org and signup for an account. The question I had was what service do I use of there's is it Dynamic DNS or Static DNS.



i think cable has dynamic ip. unless it's specifically stated in contract that it should be static. also all that dyndns.org does it gives u an application that u always run. and gives u a domain like www.pcxgamer.dyndns.org, i really dont remember the format and the program that they give updates your ip with their server so that www.pcxgamer.dyndns.org is being redirected to your ip. u can go with out it ofcource and just give out your current ip when u need it. that's what i do now.


no i dont know anything about that. it theory there shoudnt be a resong for it not to work. wait for some one else who knows more about it to come though


IIS is more *patched* than apache but offers more features such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NEWS, SMTP and Internet Printing Server while as I said before Apache provides only HTTP services.
Although IIS is less secure by default if you don't know how to deal with it, with IIS you can restrict and integrate authentication with Windows accounting which is good for an intranet... means it can allow browsing only to authenticated windows network users preventing all access from the outside with just one click.
Obviously you can use only just one component of the Internet Information Services suite.
Overall, if you want to play around with a web server IIS is simpler to make it work than Apache, but you need to stay constantly updated with the latest patches against critical vulenrabilities and internet worms and be very very careful leaving ONLY the IIS components you actually need.

Finally IIS has ASP/VBScript as the default programming language and supports .NET framework (which are not supported by apache), while both support the installation of development environments like Perl (cgi), Javascript and PHP.

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