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I wish to use remote desktop functions of xp to access a friends box thru my nat gateway and to also control my own computer which sits behind nat gateway.

Do i need to open port 3889 i think it is for remotedesktop to work?

If you have successfully configured this type of connection...please let me know.

3389 is the default port, but that can be changed if needed with a bit of configuration on the hosting and client machines.

used the default port for the mapping in my cisco router. This is my entry:

ip nat inside source static tcp <local address> 3389 <routable IP> 3389 extendable
Here's what it looks like on my Cisco PIX 520 at work:

conduit permit tcp host <Outside mapped IP*> eq 3389 any

Odd how different they are, considering they are based on the same NOS. If I had to do it over again, I might have gone for Checkpoint or (now that it's available) ISA server.

*Which is mated to an internal IP earlier in the config.

have IOS version 12.1 on my Cisco router. Any Cisco router that I have ever worked on so far have had this type of mapping. Perhaps it is different on the PIX (are those only hardware firewalls or do they route?) I have never worked with PIX's, only Cisco routers and switches (catalyst).
Firewall/NAT system that can handle a pool of external IPs (as in our case) and map/share them as needed to the internal network. I only got familiar with the Cisco units we have, but I am not particularly strong with them at all (we have a 1720 as well). When I had the T1 installed, I brought in consultants to do the work so I could make sure that it was done right (and locked down) to begin with, and then they introduced me to it. I have read one book (CISCO Security) to further familiarize myself, but that's about it.

This is the only port but it needs to opened for both TCP and RDP. RDP is remote desktop protocol needed to access the terminal server. (Remote desktop is a mini terminal server application)
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Originally posted by relder
This is the only port but it needs to opened for both TCP and RDP. RDP is remote desktop protocol needed to access the terminal server. (Remote desktop is a mini terminal server application)

Huh? Opened for both TCP and RDP? Did you mean "Opened for Terminal Services and Remote Desktop, as they both follow the RDP protocol", or "Opened on both TCP and UDP" (not that UDP is needed anyway)?
Remote Desktop and Terminal Services are the same thing. Although "Remote Desktop" is a bit watered down. It does not use UDP but it does require the port to be open for RDP.

3389/TCP -- RDP
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the protocol that enables a thin client to communicate with the Terminal server over the network. This protocol is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) T.120 protocol, an international, standard multiple-channel conferencing protocol that is currently being used in the Microsoft NetMeeting conferencing software product.
Umm, yeah, I already know about the relationship between the RDP protocol and TS/RD along with its usage of port 3389 (as I posted earlier). I was simply asking what you meant in your sentence, since it did not make any sense.

mine works great. I only have that port mapped with TCP protocol, no RDP?
You are fine, which was why I brought up the point about the way he phrased his answer. RDP is like FTP and HTTP, they are methods of relaying information, while TCP and UDP are the underlying transit ways that can carry them. RDP runs on the standard TCP port 3389, and since you forwarded it on TCP (UDP isn't needed) then it worked just fine.
Thanks for clearing up the RDP information...

And thanks everyone for the info..


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