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reccomend me a cpu fan / xp2400



If your mobo will support it I really like the Alpha 8045 bit it requires the mobo have the mounting holes in it. If not that then the Thermoltake SLK800 would be a good choice. Both use an 80mm fan which will be quieter than a 60mm fan moving equal amounts of air.


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the volcano 9 is a good fan as is the top of the line swiftech :) you can look around for it... basically a massive copper cooler... you will have to buy and attach a fan to it.. I recommend the fan that comes with the volcano 9... the smartfan2 :)


i use HHC-001 wich is a full coper HS with heat pipes.. i use this on my 2400+ and my temps are 33C. enjoy


what temp readings should i get with the slk800 / ys-tech 80mm silent fan,im currently getting 50c for the cpu and 35 for the mb.

are these about right for my set up?

windows xp home + sp1
athlon xp2400+
thermalright SLK-800/ys-tech 80mm silent fan
768mb crucial 2700 ddr ram
asus a7v333 motherboard
crucial 128mb ati radeon 9700 pro
80gb 7200rpm maxtor
60gb 7200rpm maxtor
philips 48x/16x/48x CD-RW
sony DVD+RW/+R & CD-RW Drive
19" lg flatron 915ft plus
Logitech mx700 cordless mouse
creative sound blaster audigy soundcard
creative inspire 5300 five point surrounds


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seems a tad high... I don't get that much oc'd to the max..

yes I have a slower cpu BUT when I oc my fsb is higher... you have a higher clock multiplier and also a smaller die size/process (o.13 micron v/s 0.18 micron)

what kind of thermal paste did you utilize?

also try a smartfan 2 on top of the cooler instead of a silent fan...

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