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okay, well, i'm somewhere in between the last too, maybe if they changed it to like, um, $700, maybe more, but i only have like adobe6, dreamwvr4, norton2002, easycdcreator, office xp, and i think that's it. but i don't try to get everything for free, i like to buy games, but oh wait, what about that copy of half-life you got from linden (yes, like the tree)? and i really really needed to get office xp b/c it had powerpoint, and my base pair presentation is on the 3rd. (i'm the only white guy) (in the pic) (not like in a racists way, but i mean, i am(white)), and i didn't have it, and it wouldn't be wise to plop down $200 (or it could be different) just for a week's worth of usage. well, maybe i am the 3rd one, and i can't read


well they charge alot cause ppl like me get the softwares free.. opps did i say thta out-loud :D


here's my theory...

1) if software was cheaper, more people would BUY it rather than Download it.

2) if people would buy it, rather than DOWNLOAD it, it would be cheaper.

3) if people STOPPED BUYING IT! it would be cheaper. Because there is such a thing as supply and demand... no demand means too many disks sitting there getting dusty...

4) if the software companies would lower ALL SOFTWARE to $50.00 or less, they would make a bunch more money.

but thats just MY THEORY!

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