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Real Player One Crash Problem



Has anybody else around here experienced a problem similar to this:

A few weeks ago Real Player began freezing at the beginning of any video/audio playback. Real One does not freeze when the application is opened - it is only when a file begins playing, whether in the player or directly on a website. that the system crashes. Windows XP will just suddenly, instantly freeze up entirely. The mouse cursor doesn't move, and sometimes a weird and repetitive noise is heard from the speakers. Uninstalling and reinstalling Real One solves the problem for a short while, but soon the same problem returns. I have an ATi Radeon 9700 Pro with the newest drivers installed, and the Creative Labs Audigy sound card (on a 2.8 ghz P4 with Win XP Pro).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the problem? I know of no software or settings that have been installed that may be conflicting with Real Player. Searches on the web and on the Real website for occurences of this problem have yielded nothing. Other video players work fine, incidentally (this includes Windows Media, Quicktime, and even playing Real files in JetAudio). Any help is appreciated!

Nicholas Boyd


I quit using the real format just because of the Real Player, especially Real One. I would probably just try to find a Real format plugin for Windows Media Player and keep away from the whole nightmare that is Real One.


I use Real Player 8 plus, only when I have to - Real One Sux !! it is nothing but a slow runningg, pc crashing, never connnecting to streaming peace of garbage ..

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