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RE: Kazaa lite



hey all. how's everyone..My question is this. I downloaded the Lite version of Kazaa and installed and then ran my ad-aware which i keep up to date. Now heres a kicker..Lite says that it put a dummy dll in the regestry right? well i have ran my ad-aware and it does not pick it up at all. anyone else run into this...Strange
that's because the dummy dll is not spyware, hence kazaa lite, it is a file that imitates the original "kazaa" spyware to keep kazaa lite working, but it doesnt contain any spyware, thats why ad-aware doesnt pick it up.
First of all the dummy dll file (cd_clint.dll) isn't placed in the registry, but is saved as a file in I believe the System32 folder and/or the KaZaA Lite folder (at least the latest version does). You might check your harddisk with Ad Aware to be sure. Ad Aware only does as far as I know file searching on your harddisk and is also capable to check the Registry. So even if the file contains nothing but crap (or nothing at all...), Ad Aware should pick it up, saying it is spyware.
Thought you wanna know, not trying to pick on anyone, I am not mad, I am just trying to set things right.


that's what i thought Glaanieboy. I found it in the program files. When i read the install it told me that there would be a crap file and that ad-aware would find it and to put it in the ignore list. well adaware didn't find it. No big deal. It still works good and all. it was just one of those thought moments...like why is that Ad-aware not finding that...... no biggie...I have the version 2 and dont understand the participation leval..I share almost everthing and it says my leval is 4 low..What's up with that?


There is a program out there that will increase your level. can't remember what it was called though. I heard that the participation level was a joke/crap and didn't work to will unless you pay money...or something like that.

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