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Re-installing XP-Pro



I have a problem with my XP install and need to re-install it. I have tried but the best I can do is to end up with a fresh install (all my previous icons, shortcuts, etc are gone but all the files are still there). I have a dual boot Win98 and XP Pro. There used to be a way to reinstall Win98. It would go through the whole install and when complete, the desktop would look just like it did before starting except that the OS files were freshly copied. Is that same thing possible with XP-Pro ???

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Never liked the idea of doing it that way. Whatever was causing the problem is still there & will cause problems again. I always go for a clean install.
Find the file 'winnt32.exe' in the installation directory (i386), launch it and choose upgrade while xp is running. I believe that's the one you're looking for. Let me know.

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