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Well today is the first day of ramadan the holly month where muslims have to fast, i know we dont have many on the forum, but i know we have 3 at least prodj88, Grandmaster, and myself. So good luck fasting the whole month, and even for non muslims here its a great time because of friends and family and watching tv, staying up late etc. i wish i could share this with all of u


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good luck friend...I have seen the pain and struggling going on right in front of me...

it is sure a sign of faith and strength

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So thats why Md was up so late.. maybe.
I remember when I was at uni and still awake at around 5am, me and md used to chat while he had breakfast :)


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lol i just got back from the safeway's and its crazy so many people there soo much queue at the checkout counters! lol and this is also a great time for all arab cell phone carriers as everyone sends sms's of Ramadan Kareem and Moubarak, and call each other to wish each other a great ramadan!


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nope, only ur own saliva but that doesnt count hehe, also see i told u about the cell phone thing, i sent a msg to a friend this mornining at 12am saying what are u doin can u chill, she got it at 5:30 this morning and msged me now sayin did u msg me at 5:30am? i was like no its ramadan the server has a heavy load!


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e-punk its not 5:30 over here it depends where you are, its from sunrise to sunset, so when the sun starts to rise is when u have to stop eating, and when u cant see the sun anymore is when u start to eat, but the mausqe is what lets you know the official time when u start and stop, over here u hear it every where all u have to do is stick your head out the window and wait for the prayer call, (im serious thats what we do)


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some people dont like to have to wake up like me, i can handle it doesnt really make a difference so i dont wake up to eat in the morning, when i was little my mom use to wake me up and make me food, now i dont need it, LOL when i was little my mom forced me to fast and i couldnt it was too hard for me, so when she walked out of the room i always had chocolate chip cookies under the couch! shhhh! dont tell my mom. btw just to let u know women can't fast when they are "sick" if you know what i mean, also if anyone is acutally sick they can have the day(s) off that they need, or traveling but they have to make them up after ramadan is finished, also elderly and the young dont have to fast, or pregnant women

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themafia_69 said:
also elderly and the young dont have to fast, or pregnant woman
That's interesting to find out. Over here it can get very hot at this time of year. A couple of years ago I heard a primary school head master going off a bit because the kids couldn't have a drink. Maybe he should of done a bit more digging to get the complete picture.

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