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Ram problems?



Don't know if this is in the right place but I just added a generic 512mb of ddr pc2100 ram to my 256 of ddr pc2100 of ram. Now for some reason I keep getting errors on internet explorer while browsing the web. I don't have the specific error code since I forgot where windows stored it but I'll put it up as soon as I find it. This has never happened before and already tonite my computer has rebooted out of the blue. Haven't installed anything lately except for the memory chip so I'm pretty sure that is the problem. But is there a way for me to fix it or maybe it's something else?

and umm, I'm running winxp pro

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If it is doing random reboots turn that feature off. Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings. Untick automatic restart. Now you will get an error box popping up & you will be able to see by the error what the problem is. Post it back here.


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if its a script error on IE then its the website not you, i disable script debugging from advanced internet options.


ok i turned off the automatic reboot and went to sleep. When I woke up I got a blue screen that said:

technical information
*** STOP: 0x0000008e(0x0000005, 0xBF9BA10B, 0XF136B890, 0X00000000)

*** nv4_disp.dll - Address Bf9BA10B baste at BF9B8000, DateStamp 3d3478e4

then while I was trying to type this, I got an error on internet explorer:

modname: urlmon.dll modver: 6.0.2600.0 offset: 0000bb65

and nope I didn't change the settings on the ram(hehe wouldn't know how to) and nah not a script error =/

haha any ideas?

also, when I install ram, I don't really got to do anything right after? The bios and winxp seems to have noticed I added it so I just put it on and that's it


hmm well i've taken out the ram chip and after 2hrs nothing has happened so it has to be it. Anyone have any idea how to deal with this? Is the ram defective? Lol It seemed to have added in with my other ram since it said i had 768mb of ram when I checked the system info. I also chose ddr2100 the same as my old one =/


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well this happend to me on my old p3 system when i added 128mb to another 128mb of pcc133 the old one wasnt working anymore properly. anyways. yeah the ram is probably faulty so go return it for an exchange or ur money and try getting the same type as the one u have already that makes the system run better if the ram is the exact same, nothing is faster than the other if u catch my drift:happy:
Have you tried taking out the stick of 256 and just using the 512? If not, try it and see if you still get errors.


hmmm good point, ill try to put the 512 and take out both 128 chips, thanks for the info guys :D



I also get the BSOD (page fault in nonpaged area) when opening certain folders or files with the same stop error: 0x0000008E and indicating i81xdnt5.dll.

I think that's the Intel graphics driver (on my integrated chipset). So I uninstalled the latest driver (which I installed long ago w/o any problem). Now when I try to open the same file, I get another stop error: 0x00000050 (still indicating the dll). Faulty driver? I never had this problem before, though.

When I checked the Event log, I have several warnings: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.

Also recently, I noticed that XP would initiate a chkdsk on every boot. I enabled the clear pagefile on shutdown and this problem went away.

Bad RAM? Haven't tested it yet, but I'm about to go out to buy some more anyway. Any other resolutions?

Thanks all!


Also...never buy generic RAM. Get some quality RAM from Crucial. If ya want top help out NTFS a bit then click one of the Crucial banners so they get their commision from your sale.

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