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Rabbit and the bear in a same den


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Once upon a time, there were two friends living in one common den - a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit, unlike his friend, was a very ardent party-goer, and every time he came back home at dead of night, the bear would beat him up. One day, the rabbit begged the bear:
Please don't beat me at least this once when i am back late at night, plese please, bear!
Well, ok.
Next morning, the rabbit wakes up and realizes that his ear is half torn, his coat is ragged, he has a black eye and his whole little body aches badly. Embittered, he hobbles towards the bear and, nearly crying, he asks:
You promised... Why did you do it, bear?
You came back, at first you called me a fat faggot and a moron, i was just about to whack you, but i thought: i promised.
Then you started to insult my girlfriend... I thought: i primised... And i bore it.
Then you started cursing my mummy... But somehow, i restrained myself even then...
But when you ****ted on my bed, sticked some crayons into the **** and announced that a hedgehog was staying overnight, i lost my temper!

- Lisa

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