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Fixed Quick reply button not quoting


Bow Down to the King
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The Quick Reply button is not quoting by default (like it used to). Now you have to manually check the checkbox if you want to quote.
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Electronic Punk

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Ajax has a habit of not working correctly for me at work, I think I know what change I made but will be unable to test it, I'll change it but you will have to let me know if it works :)

Electronic Punk

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Ok, the box is ticked below, so lets see what happens.

This one orignally a change requested by Perris, must have forgotten or missed reapplying it with the last update.

American Zombie

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Sooooo....what if you do not want to quote?

Seems the checkbox is now checked but grayed out leaving you no option but to quote the message.


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While it doesn't seem consistent, when I click the button most of the time the box is not checked and a few times it is checked (but the box is not greyed out, which is good).

Weird that it's picky about when it wants to work?

Electronic Punk

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Well by default they also have it so that you can't even quick reply unless you click to reply to a post, so it works with threaded mode - something I have disabled because I don't enforce that mode.

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