Quick comparison gforce Vs Radeon

I guess no one else wanted to hurt your feelings Khayman.

They both suck. Each only has 4 pixel shaders,
-the 7300GS has a 64 BIT memory interface that is laughable these days.
-the 700EZ only uses 266 mhz DDR which is equally embarassing.

I would not recommend either. At that kind of performance I'd look for an under $50 card or on board video.

You won't find anything decent for under $120.

BTW The slow response on video card questions is because there are now dozens of versions of each GPU. Each made more brain dead than the last so they can hide the fact that the average price for a decent video card has jumped from $150 to $200 and now $300 over the last 2 years. Yes, that is 200% inflation in 2 years.

Nobody is bothering to do comparioson benchmarking on these junk cards with weird numbering systems and high prices so it's making life difficult to compare them.
greggustin said:
$200-250 gets you GREAT performance
less $ - only fair
x800xl works Great on hardest (graphic load) game - bf2

You must have low standards of performance. My x800xl is barely adequate for BF2 and that's at 1024x768 and several image quality settings cut back.


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I would go for the X700, although the drivers (at least in my experience) aren't that great compared to the Nvidia ones - at least you get a 128bit memory bus, but it doesn't sound like youll great performance with either.
I currently have a radeon x800xl running with my athlon64 3000+ with 1gb ram and I play BF2 at 1600x1200 with everything set to high and 4x aa and all that and it runs just fine, nice and smooth and no problems.

Course, my settings may not be all that special so I dont know.

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