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question on firefox


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im trying to view a ftp site. when i to it it says error 530 anomynous cannot log in....my question is how can i "log in" to the FTp site. i tried a google search but didnt find much. any ideas?

Dark Scizor

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It seems the ftp's admin has disabled anonymous login on that site when going through pure ftp(e.g. ftp://ftp.site.com ). Try using something like http://ftp.site.com. If that doesn't work, it seems to me you 're out of luck.
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zekmo that worked but i have another quest. using firefox seems like its only read only. i need to be able to upload files to it. i know IE does this fine, but ive got customers who use firefox. any ideas?
zeke_mo said:
Firefox has a funny FTP login, its looks something like this: ftp://<user>@<address>/
Funny? That's the standard way. IE does the same. :)

HTTP won't work unless the server has an FTP wrapper through a web server.

FireFTP was slow as hell when I tried it, so I'd recommend using a separate FTP client. Filezilla will work in most cases.

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