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question about mapping drives at startup



Hi, I have 3 computers connected to a router with a built in switch. On this one pc with Win2K Pro installed, I mapped all the drives from the other 2 computers.

My question is how can I force Win2K Pro not to display that popup screen when Windows starts about not being able to restore network connection blah blah blah when the other computer(s) are not turned on. I already click on 'stop restoring connection in future and do not display this message again" checkboxes on the popup dialog box.

I just want to boot to Windows without me having to hit YES everytime to "restore in the future or some sort of similar message". Want it to boot to Windows without any interruptions. On my winXP Pro machine which I mapped some drives from the other computer, it doesn't display this annoying message when the computer whom I mapped the drives to is not on. I hope you guys know what I mean, thanks in advance.


In windows 98 there was a value called RestoreDiskChecked under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Network in the registry. 0 = disable the warning msg, 1 = enable the warning msg. That value might still be present in the win2k registry, might as well check for it :)
Always worth learning little things like these :)

I used to just put up with the warning message... didnt realise you could get rid of it.
I'd like to know too. Some of my drives want a password after each reboot. It seems to be different depending if you logged into the share before mapping it or not the first time.


I have to type a password every time I reboot also on the computer where I mapped the drives, isn't there a save password feature? I have posted earlier about going to a mapped drive without entering a password.
Create a batch script and place it in your All Users startup. It should be like this...

@echo off
net use x: \\server1\share1 /persistent:no > NUL
net use y: \\server2\share2 /persistent:no > NUL

This script will map drives x and y to the perspective shares. It will make them non-persistent meaning that they will not try to reconnect next time (although they will because of the script). The "> NUL" passes any errors or messages to a NULL meaning that they will not be shown. Hope that helps a little.


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Just a thought.
Why don't you make a new hardware profile, that doesn't have your network connected. That way it will give you another boot option. Works with notebooks, can't see why it shouldn't work with pc's.



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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
@echo off
net use x: \\server1\share1 /persistent:no > NUL
net use y: \\server2\share2 /persistent:no > NUL
Yeh what he said. Only problem is if the connection isn't avilable or the computer you are connecting to has a problem the script will pause on each line for a couple of seconds.:mad:


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The option DOES exist

I had the same issue ages ago. There is a registry hack to enable Quick logon in win2k... but it is a tough one to find!

I found it for a win2k install like 2 months ago, then the same stupid computer broke down, and I can't find it.

the win9x key is "RestoreDiskChecked", you can google it to find info.

There is still hope.

If you happen to find it first, please let me know. If I do, I'll tell you.

Im using a Bugmenot! account, cause I didn't feel like registering. Please send any news to tincho@mailinator.com.



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