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Hey Guys, I was wondering if it was possible for me to buy another domain name and have it directed to a specific page of a website not owned by myself?

As an example:
I buy and would like it to be directed to (this page would not be mine).

Is this possible? I know I could redirect a page by using HTML code.

Also, when a person uses my domain name, will the address bar show it as my domain name or the actual websites domain name? I think it is called masking...

Any help would be great. Thanks.


VenomXT - Basically, I am using a seperate website for a blog of mine. I would like to give some friends the webaddress, but the name is way to long, so for that reason I want to buy a new domain name and redirect/park it at that blog. I then need it masked because I have realized from my other blogs that people keep copy and pasting out of the address bar and not the webaddress i give them, so it will be hard for others to remember the address.

Hope that makes some sorta sense, lol... its kinda early on a monday morning for me to be typing correctly.

Speedy - Thanks for the reply, so from my understanding, I would have to put the domain name on my own server, then find a way to mask the address later on. Sorry for the many questions, I just dont want to buy a domain name and not have able to work properly.

Right now my hosting says I can only "host one domain per account". Would this be a problem?
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I may actually be insane.
Domain names are usually either put onto your own web-space, or the domain seller will allow for the masked forwarding straight from their servers, that's the case with who I have most of my domains through (there are cheaper out there, just using them as an example :)) they offer a simple control panel which has a text box asking where you want the domain to point at... in which, any web address can be entered. I would imagine other domain retailers to offer the same.


Ahhh, thank you so much, that helped a bunch, I just checked on godaddy and saw that they do have masking available. Once again, thanks alot Speedy.


Right now my hosting says I can only "host one domain per account". Would this be a problem?

Time to consider a change to hosting services. I recently fixed up a customer in the same manner that you are looking to do. He bought a second domain and both point to one site. The first one is and the second is and then both end up at the same location

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