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Ok, heres a question with no short way for me to explain, but I'll try.

On my Mac I only have the 1 physical hard drive, but I have it partitioned into 2 virtual drives (for the purpose I'll call them Mr Disk1 and Mrs Disk1).

When I want to move work over from Mr Disk1 to Mrs Disk1, the OS will happily copy the document/file, leaving the orignal still on the other partition.

What I want to know is; is there a way to just move the document without leaving the orginal copy on the other drive partition?

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click and hold down the mouse see if a menu appears, i shall know in a couple of days hehe, we have two g5s in school cant wait till i get back to them! :D
Scooter said:
On Mac its just click and drag... non of this time wasting with right and left buttons ..... :D :p
Umm, you do know that click and drag works in Windows too...right? The right-click and drag just performs a different function.

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