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Quake II and q2_widescreen


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Under VISTA Home Premium on a Dell 6000 with an internal Intel graphics chip using the q2_widesceen mod, I lost the crosshairs.:cry: The original Quake II .exe doesn't lose the crosshairs but then the video is not very good. My screen resolution is 1680 by 1050 but I have tried other resolutions using the q2_widescreen mod without any success. Any ideas?


OSNN One Post Wonder
AQ2 doesn't run well under VISTA the the interface is horrible.:dead: Anyone know how to contact the developer of q2_widescreen?


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Also why are you using an on board graphics card for gaming? I mean yeah your running Quake 2 but c'mon. You probably can solve that cross hair issue with a dedicated gpu. Or it can just be Vista.


OSNN One Post Wonder
The internal Intel GPS works just fine under XP. I have two PCs, both have internal Intel GPS, one running VISTA and the other XP. I think q2_widescreen is the problem under VISTA.:cry: By the way, I get more FPS on the Intel GPS then I did on earlier NVidia graphics cards. I know the newer cards are much faster the internal Intel GPS. So, I am still looking for the developer of q2_widescreen. This could end up as an Intel XDMP driver issue.

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