Q6600 Owners


Smokin & Jokin
I've been playing around with the BIOS settings today and managed to
squeeze another 300mhz out of my Q6600! (up)
Also managed to keep those timings nice and low.
I've been wondering if everyone else has been as lucky as I have when it
comes to overclocking. Especially B3 owners.
Does anybody know if its better to have a higher memory frequency or lower timings?

Hey, im a complete novice and overclocking but i did dabble. I Tried several overclocks on my Mobo from the default X5% all the way to x50% i think it was. The most stable i found was X10% but only gave me a few extra Mhz. The top OC i did was to get each core at 3GHZ...my system was stable for a few mins but after 100 c0 it just crashed. My temps at mo are around 60C0. Seems like youve been more successful tho, n i was wondering the same about if it is better to have higher memory frequency or lower timings.