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PS2 tp PC


Stranger Than Fiction
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Hey All,

I just got a Super Joy Box4 PS2 to PC adapter. I got it off of ebay so I don't know if missing some documentation or what the thing is, but I cannot get it to work. I can see it in the control panel, I can configure my ps2 controller there as well, but when I go to play a game it no workie. I've tried it on the two games I've got installed (Half Life and Nightfire) and I can't even seem to find an option to use a controller instead of keyboard/mouse. Is there something I'm doing wrong in configuring this thing or do some games just not support this device?


Stranger Than Fiction
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It works on my NES emulator, which is cool. But I really wanted it so I can play Half-Life and other FPS games. Right now in Half-Life I can use my left analog stick to look around ... but I want to use that one to move and the right stick to look around. In Nightfire it won't work at all.


Nissan Powered
I don't know, k/b and mouse are better for those games IMO.
go to Night fires web site and see if there is anything about it in there support pages or forum.


hardware monkey
Soul, if you haven't already done so, try going into your game's control options and assigning the pad's buttons/sticks to the appropriate functions (move, shoot, etc).


Stranger Than Fiction
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I can get the buttons assigned well enough but the sticks don't seem to respond. I don't know .. only cost $15 so if it fails its no big deal.


hardware monkey
pc-based first-person shooters weren't made to use joysticks or alternate controllers. the keyboard/mouse combo is the most efficient and accepted form of controlling the action. so anything else might not work correctly with those types games. you might be largely limited to simulators, racing, and fighting games.


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I kinda figured that was the case ... I just like how all of my buttons are right there rather than having to pause and look at my command list to figure out how to do something. I suppose if I played more pc games I'd get used to it.

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