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Im planning on buying a new television. The whole HDTV convergence is on a roll and getting better and better by the months. Now a question if I may?:) . What do you guys prefer a rear projection set or a front projection set? I know plasma is great and all but $10.000 bucks is a hell no at the moment. Also hee hee I would like to run some video games on these bad boys and I know about the whole burn in thing but I figured with the new sets if your careful it should be a thing of the past. Hope Im right. Well here are two Im thinking of

Sony 46" Widescreen Tabletop Rear-Projection HDTV Monitor with DVI Interface
Model: KP46WT500 [$1699]

Philips 60" Widescreen Rear-Projection HDTV Monitor with Active Control & DVI Interface - Silver
Model: 60PW9363 [$2299]

I have a friend at Best Buy here in NY [asst manager] so his employee discount will be sweet:D


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check out picture quality on both... if the picture quality is similar.. go bigger :)

the plus for both is dvi :D

I would love to hook up my rig to one of them babies :D


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Hey Sazar what about this. Its tube that makes it more expensive but picture clarity should be better. I'll sacrifice size for quality though. Hmm I really have to take a good look like you suggested. Well here it is

Sony 36" WEGA Flat-Tube HDTV Monitor with 2-Tuner Picture-In-Picture and JPEG Viewer
Model: KV36HS510 [$1799]

Rear view



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damn I wish I had more money to burn...


can't say m8.. its really your call and what IQ you can live with v/s how large a screen you want...


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yeah I would really like widescreen but Im worried about the aspect ratio conversion of normal broadcast. With the new sets it should be cool hopefully.

m8?? lol


why widescreen, i hate widescreens, we have this sony 47" square one, i would prefer it over a widescreen anyday!
Originally posted by Terrahertz
yeah I would really like widescreen but Im worried about the aspect ratio conversion of normal broadcast.
It's no problem. The TV usually has a mode to shrink/cut the image to widescreen without the viewer noticing it much at all.


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I stood and sat for about 4 hours looking at projection televisions on Tuesday and Im thinking on this bad boy. The clarity and picture quality on this JVC is a thing of beauty and the 10-bit 3D Y/C digital comb filter is sweet:D .

JVC 56" Widescreen Rear-Projection HDTV Monitor with DVI Input and 2-Tuner PIP
Model: AV56WP74

Natural Progressive technology doubles image data in each field and uses advanced 3D interpolation to display a solid image with no visible scanning lines

Multiwindow 2-tuner picture-in-picture

Natural Cinema 3-2 pulldown for accurate reproduction of film-based sources

16MB 10-bit 3D Y/C digital comb filter for superior rejection of cross-color distortion; HD Range Digital Super Detail circuitry for incredibly sharp, clear images

DVI input with High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) provides a copy-protected solution for the transmission of uncompressed high-definition content

Digital auto convergence/81-point manual convergence

20-watt stereo audio system with BBE enhancement, 2-way bass reflex speaker system, subwoofer output and center-channel input (allows the internal speakers to be used in lieu of a traditional center-channel speaker in home theater applications)

New Advanced Hyper Surround simulated 2-speaker surround sound

Dual auto-sensing component video inputs for the best-possible picture quality from compatible sources

3 S-video inputs (1 front, 2 rear) and 4 A/V inputs (1 front, 3 rear)

Illuminated universal remote with DVD control

Digital Image Scaling Technology (D.I.S.T.) displays all sources at 1080i

Standard-definition, enhanced-definition and high-definition digital television monitors require an optional set-top box to decode over-the-air digital TV broadcasts
my sister has a 46/48" (cant remember which) toshiba rear projection and the quality is a bit fuzzy unless you're sat a distance away from it... so the bigger screens are cool, but only if they're in a big room.


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I have a Samsung 55" Rear Projection HDTV. I built a little Media Center PC so I could use it as a convergence device. I had to buy an adapter to get 1080i output (Regular digital or analog output looks like crap in comparison) because you can't just hook up DVI to DVI and have it work. Wrong scan range. The adapter outputs in the appropriate scan ranges for 480p 720p and 1080I (plus some other unsupported ones) I really like my setup. I did look at a LOT of RP HDTVs before I picked this one.

Hope that helps,



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PS. Front projection looks good if you paint the wall with the right stuff. Otherwise it looks like crap. The room has to be reasonably dark as well. HAving said that, if I ever decide to build a home theater, I'll definitely be getting a DLP HDTV front projection unit. 110" looks pretty sweet with the right setup.
i hav a 44" Toshiba rear projection.....make sure u take out an extended guarantee in case there is a lamp goes out....i lost the green input for a while and it sux

but to be fair....i wish i bought a standard tv...picture quality suffers imo


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Well there's nothing like a good thread resurrection! :D

HDTV and Widescreen...mmmmyummy. Although we probably won't get HDTV in the UK for at least 67 years. woo.


I love widescreen, but what i don't like is when watching champions league they bugger up the picture by stopping widescreen and sticking some kind of blinds on.

I would wait on when prices drop. Lesbian porn looks great on widescreen, pssst..don't tell Suzie I told you so.
HDTV is a standard (actually a group of standards)

DLP is a technology owned by Texas Instruments to display HDTV. It is essentially a chip with 1000's of tiny mirrors.

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