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Problems Burning/Loading Vista


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I'm using Nero to burn Vista and it seems to burn properly but when I boot up with the DVD in the drive it does nothing. I had a friend try it as well and the same thing happen to him (he used Nero as well). I'd really like to get this installed and give it a whirl. Any suggestions?


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does it come up with nothing, as in it just stops on a black screen? or (if you have an os already on the drive) does it just boot normaly?

Bascily, check the boot order in the BIOS, make sure CD/DVD drive is first


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It's booting up to DVD. The DVD drive just clicks and it says something like booting from CD. When I open the DVD drive it finishing booting up to my normal OS
are you using the burn cd from iso option?

Edit: I know its obivous but I like to try and get the obivous "doh!" moments out of the way first :p
Just in case you didn't know- Nero 6

Use a DVD RW (saves money when experimenting...)

Make bootable dvd wizard
Image file
browse for the .iso (change from .ima to all files)
Not sure on enable expert settings. (It defaults to floppy. Try HD emulation if default doesn't work.)

OR (My usual way)

With DVD selected
Pick Nero Burning ROM
DVD ROM (Boot)
Drag the iso to the project window
It comes up with an error message telling you to use "Burn Compilation" from main menu. And asks if you would like to burn the image instead. Say yes. I know that is a stupid way to get there but it works.

Both these methods have worked for me making bootable disks. Though not with Vista.


You can use the Burn image under recorder in the main menu. This methad has given me some coasters.
leejend - in the file menu there is the burn cd from iso or something - this is the only way nero will burn a working vista dvd or other pre-made bootable iso.
Check this, if it doesn't help read the rest of the post. The option you want in Nero may require scrolling the Express menu down.


What version of Nero Express? Does it have an option to make a cd/dvd bootable file. I can't remember, I switched to Ultra V6 last year when they were giving it away for $29 just before V7 came out.

Nuts, I'm winging this from memory. In Nero express I think you can pull up the Nero main menu (then recorder, thanks Net, my bad) I'm forgetting how though. Nero express should still work though I remember having problems getting it to burn ISO's. Doesn't the express wizard have an option for burning a bootable device?

So lets get back to basics. i.e. cheat. Use ISO buster to mount a HD image of the ISO and then use Express to make a bootable DVD of the HD image.

Lord - I don't know about Vista but I have burned bootable disks from iso's from the wizard. The wizard assumes I'm an idiot who can't read the menus and goes and does the correct thing for me. Ultra 6 is the best software I've ever actually paid for.

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Some OEM versions of Nero that are included with a PC only have Nero Express with no option to launch the ROM portion which you need to make bootable CD/DVD.

Download the 6 or 7 full install demo.
I've never actually used Nero Express, but I just launched it, and it looks like it has the option to burn disc images as well:

Select the "Disc Image or Saved Project" option, pick the Vista ISO file, and burn.
Ouch that hurt. Took me since last night to find and install my Nero express disk. Now the good news.

Click the Nero button at the bottom of the Express Window. That will take you to the manual "Nero Burning ROM" interface. Then follow the instructions from above.
-Select the DVD-ROM (Boot) (you can use default floppy emulation or change it to HD if floppy doees not work, under advanced)
-Select New button
-Recorder - burn image, from main menu
-Select the iso
-Click burn
That should do it

The Express interface does not have an option to make a bootable cd/dvd.
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try cd burnexr xp pro - it hsas an option "write disk from iso file" that does the same as nero's burn image.

edit: its free and I'm using it myself at the moment. Used it to burn my vista dvd
Another option is ISORecorder
It's a tiny app that adds a "Copy Image to CD" option to your context-menu, so just right-click the Vista ISO file in Explorer, select that option, and burn the disc. I've used it a few times when Nero wasn't installed, and it works well.

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