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problem... with installin applications and windows xp restartin



well .. i've got this problem ...
which has been going on for abt 1 1/2 months...
i have an AMD Athlon 1 ghz overclocked to 1.3 ghz.. with 256 MB SD RAM..
now.. the problem is that... windows xp restarts itself in the middle of any installation process...
when i was installin quake 3 arena.. it jus restarted by itself at abt 25 % of the installation ....even durin a PHOTOSHOP installation it restarted by itself...
i cant install any type of software on my WINDOWS XP..
can anyone please help me out in rectifying this problem .. ??


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ok, you say youre o/c, right? i assume that you have a proper cooling system so your pc doesnt restart with the heat. have you tried underclocking your system to a stable number (1 ghz, right?) and try installing.

hope it works, Apu

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Also if you go to my computer\properties\advanced\startup & recovery you can untick automatically restart. From memory you will then get a box telling you what is going on or you could look at the system log but I don't know where it is stored.


hey i got an another error when i was intallin the old game WORLD CUP 98....
they showed that blue screen
beginning dump of physical memory..
and in caps it was written .. PAGE LOADED IN NON PAGE AREA..or something like that..

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