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Problem with Combi CD-RW/DVD-Rom


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Hi all
I have built a new computer for a friend and have found a funny problem.

The Internal Combi CD/DVD drive with S!PWMx2 technology won't write to CD-R disc's and also it won't read "Mirror Platinum" 4.7gb DVD disc's that have been recorded on my computer. it will read a CD disc and a DVD disc off a magazine ok.

both computers use Roxio Easy CD-DVD Media Creator 7,

I have noticed some people on the net are having the same problem.

any ideas how to fix this problem.


this is the first time i have installed a combi drive because he said it was cheap. never again, i will stick to my Sony DVD and NEC-DVD-DL any-day.


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If you mean Roxio Easy CD-DVD Media Creator 7, yes i did that.

if you mean the firmware for the drive, surely it should not need that already, the only difference is this computer is running WinXP Home Edition 32bit, and the computer is a AMD Athlon 3000+ 64bit, but this should make no difference.

ps: Lee about you advert for Howard, don't we here/see enough of the elections without seeing it on a help forum for computers, before you get high i'm only joking.



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I found out the reason why it was not writing to cd-r disc's was the folders/files i was trying to copy had somehow become "read-only",
As for not reading some dvd-r disc's, i unplugged all the cables and then reconnected them and now it's reading all the disc's ok.
is that weired or what.
anyway it's now buzzing away like a hover on heat.

It's the first combo cd-rw/dvd-r i have bought and when i build another computer i think i will stick to drives like my own, a NEC 3500a DL & Pioneer DVR-106D which i have never had any trouble with.

thanks anyway


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