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Problem w/ Desktop Border


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
When I use low resolutions (under 1024x768). I have black borders . When i use a higher resoulution the screen is full border. however even when i use the higher resoulution this issue occurs within games, the screen is like the one you see in the attachment. thanks



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Do you need to be switching between screen resolutions? If not, pick the one resolution you want to run and then make the appropriate adjustments on the monitor.


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
normally my desktop resolution is fine, i use 1024x768, how ever when i play games such as.. starcraft. there is no 1024x768 support, only 640x480, therefor i am forced with boards.

i dont just mean star craft, any game where i am forced to use a lower resolution. i dont have a powerfull GPU on this laptop, so i am forced to use lower resolutions, not by choice.


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well.. since it looks like you have a dell laptop..

I believe there is a BIOS option called "display stretch" or something like that for when the screen is set to a resolution lower than the native resolutions of the panel. This will stretch the image on lower resolutions to fill the entire screen.

I think you can calso use the Fn-F7 button combination to do it "on the fly"


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
i tried to do what you suggested fitz however the bios does not give me an option to strech the bios , note that the bios is already flashed to latest , also my laptop is dell 1100. also the bios also has boards.

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