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Problem Connecting Dell PC to Sony HDTV


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I have a new Dell XPS 400 with an Nvidia 7800 GPX (I think that's the model number). Anyway, I simply get a "No Signal" on the TV screen. The connection should be pretty basic...a DVI connection to the Nvidia and a VGA connection to the TV via a DVI/VGA adapter. The TV input is set to video 8 which is a dedicated PC input which is the VGA port.

Any ideas?



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Are you sure I need to do that? I haven't been able to get a screen up yet. Do I need to have a screen to look at? Or can I do it somehow on the card?

Thanks for your response by-the-way.


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It may auto detect, have you hooked everything up and then tried to start the computer? Other wise you may to to try having the monitor on to switch it over.


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You probably need to go through the display options and setup the connection for use on the TV is my guess.

Thats all that really should be needed.


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Well, I just disconnected the TV and plugged into a standard monitor...still no good so it's not the TV.

When monitor sits idle with no video connection at all, there is a floating logo on the screen saying there is no connection. When I connect the video cable, the logo goes away and the screen is simply black.

I'm at a loss. I'm starting to suspect the DVI to VGA converter. But the Nvidia 7800 GTX has only DVI and S-video ports. The monitor has only VGA. So the converter seems the obvious thing to do. But no go so far.

Still open to any thoughts.


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Thanks for all your responses. I fixed my problem and figured I let you know what the problem was...

I originally had a DVI cable connected to the video card on one end and a DVI/VGA converter at the TV end. That was the problem. For whatever reason, it simply doesn't work. When I tried the DVI/VGA converter at the video card end and used a VGA cable from there to the TV, instant success. It works and looks great. The only "problem" is that the display does not use the entire display. I get about a 40" diagonal display on my 50" TV.

Thanks again. (And let me know if you know any way to enlarge the PC screen. I've tried all the video card things...changing resolution, etc....and the TV things...zoom settings, etc. Nothing works.)


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More than likely the tv auto senses what kind of signal is coming in. If you hooked up to a HD cable box then it would probably go full screen, same if you hook up a dvd player. I know some tv will not go full screen for like day analog cable signal. There may not be anything you can do for that.

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