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Good grief Charlie Brown
Has the feature for the pop up box with private messages been disabled? I recieved a pm 3 hours ago & only now realised that it was there. :confused:


Prodigal Son
Happens to me every once in a while. I miss a PM here and there. Then I realize that I have one that has been sitting there for a while.

Electronic Punk

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I need to check the code as to hen it decides to pop up I have also seen various pop-up improvers... but it was working for me yesterday. I'll look into it later.

So we can put it down to an EP glitch. Someone please take the keys away from him. And change the lock.
I am putting alot of my time into these forums at the moment.
yeah pop up has been working for me fine.. had it come up 2wice yesterday... hmmm.. All those who are having problems with it check in your user XP if it is enable/disabled


Electronic Punk

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The PM box on foruymhome will now flash at you when you have a private message, you can't miss it - its ht ereason I moved it to the top.

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All good still mate?
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What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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