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Printing Photos, major issue


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==-- Class "A" Alert, Need help a.s.a.p. --==

I'm trying my best to print photo's but I just can not. The problem occurs on two different printers, one is a HP Deskjet 1000c and the other is a Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2100. Whenever I print this photo, which is about 11cm by 8cm when printed on the sheet. I am printing on a glossy sheet of paper. What happends is the image appears fine except that black ink is smudged all over certain parts of the picture. I made this file in photoshop, so I tried printing it from photoshop which was 22mb, than I made it a .jpg which was about 1.5mb in photoshop, same deal. Than I tried printing it from the "preview pictures" (Windows XP) This is nothing new, as any other graphics that use a lot of ink has done this, but this is very important now. What is wrong with my printers? I have tried using the "head cleaner" on both, same results come. I have tried cleaning the cartridge no luck. (Both is software on the computer.) What is wrong here? This image is "darker" and has a lot of black but the black goes right over the image with no mercy. How do I fix?

Please, anything will help, I need a fix ASAP.



A couple of shots in the dark:

My old BJ4100 had a lever you had to set dependent on the type of paper you used - I think it had something to do with how close to the paper the printhead was. I'm thinking maybe the printhead is too close and is rubbing (smearing) it.

My Canon S630 has diffeent settings in the printer setup for different types of paper - rather than adjusting a lever on the print head.


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Can anyone offer more support? I will post a scanned image of the a printed thing, and the digital image so you can see the problem. Maybe than you guys can help me more.


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make sure your printer is set 2 glossy paper as this will mean it prints slower so the ink has a chance 2 dry + it doesn't smudge.

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yeh check the ink volume is set to light in the advanced section of your printing preferences then see wat happens also if you have a paper type selection then select the type you will be using i.e. glossy photo paper

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